Outdoor living!


In New Zealand we love our outdoor living and there is no reason we shouldn’t take our craft out there also! (Just don’t leave it in the rain!) Because of the longer daylight hours we can get a lot more done, be more creative and you can be crafting with your friends. It is great to see this project which was completed by a customer over Christmas now is use -a lot of satisfaction and I bet she gets lots of comments! Happy Stitching!

(Dragonfly cushion kit available in Shop)

Sustainability & Eating in Season

Food from your own garden always tastes better! Whether fact or fiction growing your own gives you a lot of satisfaction. It helps you understand about eating in season and how our society is now so used to being able to buy when we need (because of imports/glasshouses) we have lost a bit of our grandparents achievement/thrift mentality. We need to look at being more sustainable and perhaps learning to preserve or simply freezing the extra we have-you can only eat so many corguettes before you don’t want to see another but they are great to use in frittatas for winter. And think of all the waste we wouldn’t have as you would cook with what you bought in! Enjoy…



Shop/studio open for 2016

The studio is now open for the New Year-please check on timing as we are not open everyday and we really don’t want to miss you! Call us to check and google should show you the timing 🙂 0211427832

Showcasing : jennifer strange, kiwi stitch company and Jenny Nicholson designs

Open sign

Inspiration and design

DSC00951_edit - Copy Plus + Opposites II -Close-up

Inspiration for designs comes from everything we see around us everyday. This is a great example from Jennifer Strange where the way the roof tiles meet and give added shadow is reflected in the design Plus + Opposites II.

Happy New Year!

Have you made your new years resolutions yet? Family, Christmas and traveling always make for a rushed end of year so you do need to take time to reflect, celebrate on the year and make plans to keep on track for 2016. Being in the ‘present’ and enjoying the vistas around and being grateful are a great place to start. IMG_20151230_142531_edit

Mindfulness and Crafts


There is a lot of discussion around ‘mindfulness’ and we are strong believers that being creative and making are a great way to achieve this as it brings your  complete attention to the present experience and makes you participate at that time. The added benefit is you also remember and can continue the skill. This sampler was completed by a young woman in 1828 probably after doing her daily chores  but it gave her a focus and likely was done with other women giving the added benefit of friendship and sharing. Our modern lives can learn a lot from looking back to help us achieve the state we are looking for.