Morning Views

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We don’t take enough time to just enjoy the views we have around us. This is only 10 minutes away and easily accessible and you take in the seascape through to Rangitoto Island. Judges Bay is tidal and part of Hobson Bay but has a spectacular beach and a seawater swimming pool-well worth visiting. Enjoy your Sunday and relax!

Take in the view

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A chance today to go out and wonder to enjoy the continuing warm weather and views of the city we live in. How often do we give ourselves the time to just sit and let thoughts happen? Not often enough and perhaps it is stopping creativity and inventiveness which we need to nurture. Next time stop and look up when you going past a view and appreciate it, sit and watch-it will never be the same again!

Summer Ending

Picking the last of the roses is a sure sign we are getting cooler and heading into winter. Just love the way old roses have a beautiful fragrance (this rose has been at this house for over 50 years) and ramble giving them a different beauty. Now it is getting darker early time to pick up on the indoor projects and we have plenty of great embroidery projects to keep you busy!

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Feijoas Gallore

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Nothing is more satisfying than eating from your own backyard. We are very grateful to the owner who planted the trees and each year the crop is getting bigger! Sitting down to eat a bowl full as a snack or (when more are ready) using for cooking and freezing is a great delight and home-grown just tastes so much better.

Leather Home Decor

We are just loving these new leather cushions from Jennifer Strange – loving the use of texture and they are backed with cotton – just luxury! They look great on the Florence Broadhurst duvet cover – a designer Jennifer has been inspired by. Custom ordered in other colours but will be stocked in Black from March.


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Celeste Handbag Design

These beautiful colourful Çeleste’ leather handbags are the first of the products we are ranging from Jenny Nicholson at Moondance. Jenny has been in the leather trade for awhile and was surrounded by leather even from an early age. Jenny produces her bags from her home in Auckland with leather sourced from all over. We just love how colourful these ones are and they are all unique!