Looking after the Bees


It is so good to see these guys back in the garden but it does again bring to light that we really need to looking after bees more. We need to be having more flowering plants in our gardens and having more hives in inner city-without these little guys we don’t have much of a food chain.


Your Home and Garden has been our favourite magazine for many years as it has always celebrated the creative aspect of New Zealanders! It has always encouraged people to try and given simple instruction on projects. It seemed fitting that our first advertisement we did would be in this magazine…img_20161016_083012_edit-copy


Embroidery Classes January 2017

Wanting to learn embroidery? We have now firmed up the dates for the January classes with Jennifer Strange. Jennifer will be taking cross-stitch for beginners through to those wishing to learn how to do blackwork and whitework – not as hard as you think – if you can do the counting for Cross-stitch you will master this and also learn the confidence to do drawn outlines.


‘pacific teal q300’range!

Excited to now have in stock the ‘Pacific Teal Q300’ range of products from Jennifer Strange. These products are made from up-cycled leather and has been an ongoing project in conjunction with a large NZ company to help reduce what they are putting into landfill. There are many more products and more coming before Xmas!IMG_20161009_134043_edit - Copy

Last of the winter vegetables!

IMG_20160918_132158_edit - Copy

The last of the winter veges growing in the garden now picked -this red cabbage might be small but it will taste great! Now just need to get the patch ready growing the summer salad greens, lettuce, tomatoes, capsicums and so on. #vegetables #red #growyourown #sustainability

Kowhai Flowers-must be Spring!


Finally a bit of sun this week to show off the lovely Kowhai flowers at the end of the garden. Good to hear the Tui (native bird) song as they feed on these bright flowers.