A great start to the day!

We are lucky to have this view available to us at the end of the street! Going for a walk early so you catch this view is by choice but it makes a great start to the day and get you energised for achieving. #sunrise #achieving #being grateful

Last of the summer flowers!

The end of summer brings the last of the summer flowers and the days are getting shorter! While it is still warm we can start to do our planning for the winter projects we are going to complete 🙂 It will be cold soon enough. You have to love seasons as otherwise we are stuck in ‘ground hog day’. Seasons help us prioritise activities and give us dates to work to and with that a great sense of achievement when we complete projects- Happy Planning!

Sharing your garden!


It is enjoyable watching as people who on their walks stop and take in the fragrance and colour of the gardenia flowers which make up the front hedge. It has been a slow start this season and the bush has not been as prolific as usual due to the wet spring but it may now keep going to winter to surprise us. Hope you are getting to enjoy nature!

Unexpected garden delight


Another delight from the garden are these cape gooseberries which we thought was a weed but it kept growing back-thanks to the neighbour who planted the original this has seeded from 🙂

Happy New Year 2017


Having time to appreciate the new growth on a tree which has struggled, finally catching up on a friend’s new love are all things we want to make more time to do and this time at Christmas/New Year is the best time when the weather gives us long days to do it! Hope you are being able to relax and chill out and plan for 2017 before it arrives :-). Happy New Year everyone!

Summer Fruit!


To have a garden which produces fruit and vegetables is not something to be taken for granted. With rising house prices and there being no time for anything these days taking pride in producing some of the food you consume is helping everyone-and of course they always taste better than shop bought and a bit of dirt on the lettuce leaves never hurt you. The start of the strawberry fruiting is always fun but it means we have to put out the mesh cover to make sure we get our share before the birds. We all need to be doing our bit for sustainability and feeding ourselves!